Use of health data in health impact assessment

TitleUse of health data in health impact assessment
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHansell A, Aylin P
JournalAssessment and Project Appraisal
Start Page57
Keywordshealth impact assessment

Health impact assessment (HIA) is increasingly being used to estimate the health consequences of new and existing projects and policies, but practical difficulties in obtaining quantitative information have been noted. Routine health data (such as hospital admissions) and health determinant data (such as air pollution) can be used for community profiling, and modelling and monitoring of impacts, steps common to all models of HIA. Such data are widely available, relatively cheap and there is experience in their use and interpretation, but they need careful consideration of quality, validity and statistical stability. Results should ideally use standard epidemiological measures (such as standardised rates, relative risk or attributable risks) with confidence intervals.