Geological hazards: from early warning systems to public health toolkits

TitleGeological hazards: from early warning systems to public health toolkits
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsE S, A H, D L, CJ H, S A, C O
JournalHealth Place
Start Page116
KeywordsGIS; Geology; Internet; Natural environment; World Wide Web

Extreme geological events, such as earthquakes, are a significant global concern and sometimes their consequences can be devastating. Geographic information plays a critical role in health protection regarding hazards, and there are a range of initiatives using geographic information to communicate risk as well as to support early warning systems operated by geologists. Nevertheless we consider there to remain shortfalls in translating information on extreme geological events into health protection tools, and suggest that social scientists have an important role to play in aiding the development of a new generation of toolkits aimed at public health practitioners. This viewpoint piece reviews the state of the art in this domain and proposes potential contributions different stakeholder groups, including social scientists, could bring to the development of new toolkits.