Martin McCallion

Martin McCallion


Job Title and Responsibilities:
Your official job title: Java Software Developer

An overview of your responsibilities:

·   Leading on the java side of the redevelopment of the RIF.

·   Ongoing support for the RIF.

About Me:

I’ve worked in software development for thirty years, mainly in banking software. Most of that involved writing a financial messaging platform, and message-oriented middleware.

My most recent project before SAHSU was a contract for the Home Office in Croydon, developing software to help caseworkers with immigration support and right-to-work checks.

For most of my career my main language has been Java. Lately I’ve been adding Java 8 experience, with lambdas and streams and so on.

I also have experience in all the major database platforms, including exclusively running a project to rationalise the data definition language across four platforms into a single set of scripts.


BSc (Hons) in physics from the University of Edinburgh


·   Software development in Java, including Java 8

·   Databases and SQL (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL)

·   Liquibase for database management

·   RESTful web services

·   Java EE, including IBM WebSphere and Apache Tomcat, and JSPs and servlets

·   Messaging, including JMS and IBM’s WebSphere MQ

Contact Details: