Hima Daby

Hima Daby

Job Title and Responsibilities:
Your official job title: Data and Information Services Manager

An overview of my responsibilities are:
• Database management
• Data management
• Information systems management
• Project support/lead 
• Information Governance
• Staff and budget management

About Me:
My professional career has been focused in Information Technology. I started in software development and engineering covering all aspects of software development lifecycle and database management working for a food manufacturing and distribution company in Mauritius. In 2004, when I moved to London, my life, both personally and professionally, changed immensely.  My first position was working for Imperial College - Dr Foster Unit as Database Manager. When I accepted the role, I had every faith in my ex-manager - Professor Paul Aylin who had given me this opportunity and confidence in my own ability to do well. I had no knowledge of health data but I knew I was passionate about data science and analytics and working with data to identify measures of quality and safety in national and international healthcare systems which could potentially save lives has been a privileged and rewarding journey. After having spent over 12 years at Dr Foster Unit, I started this role as Data and Information Services Manager working for SAHSU in February 2017. My day is never the same and that is one of things I like about it. I am a big multitasker and doing one thing for too long is not something that I enjoy, but luckily for me, both my past and current role encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities and offer many different ‘windows’ into the research unit. 

My degree is in Business Information Systems and Information Technology.

• Oracle database administration and management
• Data management implementation through cohesive infrastructure of technological resources and governing framework which define administrative processes used throughout the lifecycle of data
• Information systems management focusing on both business processes and information technology and acts as the communication bridge between an organisation’s needs and technology. People, organisation, process, information and technology should no longer be seen as working in isolation and should be seamlessly integrated as part of a whole structure to get the most from all systems
• Information Governance - develop, manage and implement strategy, including policies and protocols, for the governance of information and data, ensuring compliance with all relevant statutory requirements
• Project management

Contact Details:
Telephone number(s): +44 (0)20 7594 1612